A Citizen of the World

Of all, three things remain: The certainty that we are always starting, the certainty that we have to continue, the certainty that we shall be interrupted before we finish. So, we should make of the interruption a new path, of the fall a dance move, of the fear a ladder, of the dream a bridge, of the search an encounter.


Formative Years

Early 70s

Born in Greece at the height of the military junta. The history of that dark period influenced me, as I was growing up, to become a humanist and a vocal proponent of human rights. I was never satisfied with 'just because' answers; always questioning why. Clearly, a scientist in the making.

High School

Great 80s

I was fortunate to attend school with French influences, to experience a third language and the culture of a great nation. Of course, that was the time of great music too!

Bachelor Degree

Early 90s

I was able to fulfill the dream of mine to study in a country that played a pivotal role in advancing diverse scientific areas, such as, Electromagnetism, Cosmology, Nuclear Physics, to name but a few. After hard work, I got a First Class degree in Astrophysics, something that I will always be proud of.


Mid 90s

Gotten more serious with research while delaying getting a proper job. Great fun getting into hypervelocity impact and light flashes. Did you know that our Moon was formed after a high impact event with Earth?

More Fun Research

Late 90s - Early 2000s

What if you can combine a bit more money with great fun in research at a top university performing high velocity impact experiments? Well, that is exactly what I was doing for several years.

New World

Mid 2000s

Crossing the Pond and starting a new life. New adventures ahead and a nuclear energy related job. I moved around the Ottawa Valley and GTA, and was fortunate enough to visit both sides of Niagara Falls; a natural wonder I always wanted to see.

Yet Another Change

Early 2010s

I have been living in Ottawa for a while now. I have also gotten into photography more seriously. In any case, after having lived in three countries, perhaps, I can consider myself a citizen of the world.

In a Nutshell


I have always been fascinated by nature's stunning beauty. I have a First Class degree in Astrophysics & a Ph.D. in Space Sciences. I also have experience with high velocity impact physics. Currently, I am involved with nuclear energy.


My photographic interests include landscapes, cityscapes, nightscapes, seascapes & portraiture. Photography is an adventure after all; a quest to capture unique moments in time though a camera lens. Photography is how I wind down.

Web Developer

My web design adventures started as early as 1998 with a text editor. I have experimented with Drupal, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP/MySQL and lately, WordPress. I have also developed a shock physics site for 1-D impact calculations in PHP.

Scientist 100%
Photographer 75%
Web Developer 60%


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